Loss of job or income


60+ days delinquent on your payment


Interest rate higher than 4%



Missed Payments

60, 90, 360+ days or even multiple years behind on payments

Interest Rate

Rates that are higher than 4% Qualify for a reduction as low as 2%

Income Loss

Loss of job, reduction in hours, laid off, business failure


Cant afford to make payments on your own

Wage Garnishment

Wage deduction(s) withheld from your paycheck

Previous Attempts

Already been turned down for a modification


Closure of business or loss of revenue


Still eligible for loan modification




Loan modification can help save your home and prevent foreclosure.

Initial Modification Eligibility *
You may be eligible for a loan modification if you:

  • Are unable to make your existing mortgage payments due to a financial hardship
  • Are able to show that you can afford a modified payment by making one or more trial payments
  • Provide all required documentation
  • Intend to keep the home

*disclaimer required*

What is a loan modification?

A loan modification is a restructured payment by your lender. This new payment is supposed to be affordable for the homeowner. In exchange for this lower payment your bank is now saved the cost and hassle of a foreclosure action on your home.

What are the benefits?

You may be eligible for 1 or more of the following:

  • Reducing the interest rate
  • Extending the loan term
  • Prevention of foreclosure
  • Forbearing a portion of your principal balance, which would be payable only at the end of the loan term or at payoff

*Individual results are not guaranteed

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Testimonials →

  • Lowered my mortgage payments by $500.00 per month!

    My wife and I had an wonderful experience working with the Jeffrey A. Avny law firm. More My wife and I had an wonderful experience working with the Jeffrey A. Avny law firm. In the end we saved over $500. Brian Saviano was our contact.
    – Morris Glenn
  • We could trust them to get the job done!

    Lets see where shall I begin. Jason Tong is one awesome guy...My husband and I had been in an interest only loan and had tried several avenues to get our loan modified and was coming up rejected and disappointed. Finally we were referred to Jason we were afraid to trust anyone because of our passed experience Jason gave us such comfort that we could trust him to get the job done.
    – A Google User
  • Got us lower interest rate that we expected!

    Couple years ago me and my wife tried to do loan modification by ourselves, and we would have lost our house if we didn't contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey A.Avny. They stopped the foreclosure process, negotiated the loan and got us lower interest rate that we expected.
    – Peter from Elk Grove


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