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Signing your house over to your lender may satisfy the amount owed on your mortgage.

What is a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure?

A Deed in Lieu of foreclosure is when the lender agrees to release the borrower from all mortgage obligations and in exchange for the borrower surrendering their home to the lender.

The borrower may receive move out assistance, sometimes referred to as “cash for keys”.


“Deed in Lieu can help you avoid a public sale or auction and may also help you start rebuilding credit sooner than if you go through foreclosure.

What are the benefits?

A deed in lieu of foreclosure offers several advantages to both the borrower and the lender. –The principal advantage to the borrower is that it immediately releases the borrower all of the personal indebtedness associated with the defaulted loan.

The borrower also avoids the public notoriety of a foreclosure proceeding and may receive more generous terms than he/she would in a formal foreclosure.

Another benefit to the borrower is that it hurts his/her credit less than a foreclosure does. Advantages to a lender include a reduction in the time and cost of a repossession, lower risk of borrower revenge (metal theft and vandalism of the property before sheriff eviction), and additional advantages if the borrower subsequently files for bankruptcy.

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Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Voluntarily surrender of the property

Short Sale

Program set up to sell your property

Loan Modification

Program set up to help reduce interest rates and payments

  • We tried several other avenues to get our loan modified and was coming up rejected!

    My husband and I had been in an interest only loan and had tried several avenues to get our loan modified and was coming up rejected and disappointed. When I received the message we were approved I was over the moon with excitement. Thank you again for all your efforts and hard work.
    – Darnell Robertson
  • I tried getting a mortgage modification on my own for 12 months!

    I tried getting a mortgage modification with my lender for 12 months. I was ready to give up my house until my neighbor told me about the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Avny. Thank you for all your help.
    – Sonia Martinez
  • Efficient and everyone has been a pleasure to deal with.

    Working with this office was the best decision I have made, they take the stress out of doing a loan modification and do all the work for you. Brian Saviano is real efficient and everyone has been a pleasure to deal with. They really get they get the job done! I highly recommend this team. Diane in CT
    – Diane A.


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